Claude Monet fun facts which will improve your mood

Claude Monet fun facts which will improve your mood

Claude Monet fun facts that happened in the life of the great impressionist:

He did not like cloudy weather, quarreled with friends and customers, asphalted the road next to the house so that the dust did not stain his favorite flowers, changed the streambed and dug a pond in his yard, and made completely strange purchases for his art ideas. If Claude Monet was up to something, it was hard to stop him…

Claude Monet interesting facts

1. Monet could not ride, but he escaped from the army on a donkey.

When Mona was 20, his father was going to pay the official amount for ridding his son of seven years of service. But Claude dreamed of Algeria and a spectacular red-white-and-blue military uniform in the hot sun. Therefore, he chose to serve in the ranks of the “African Riflemen”.

Claude Monet fan facts

For two years, he was never taken on a military campaign. Cleaning toilets and vegetables bothered Claude: he jumped on a donkey, and jumped over the fence of the camp.

With fever and typhus, he was found without a donkey, in an olive grove nearby. After going home to get better, he realized that the idea of paying a ransom for the remaining 5 years of service is not a stupid idea, and the military uniform in reality is not as beautiful as he thought earlier.

Claude Monet interesting facts

2. Claude Monet is not an actor, but he did a spectacular performance for the station Director

In 1877, for 37-year-old Claude Monet, trains became a new obsession. This year, the artist rented a small Studio near the Saint-Lazare station in Paris. Renoir’s son Jean, in a book dedicated to his father and his entourage, recalls how Claude Monet set up a workshop right at the train station:
“They will have to delay the Rouen train: the lighting is much better in half an hour after departure,” the artist decided. Next – a matter of technique.

Claude Monet fan facts

Monet put on his best suit, a shirt with lace cuffs – and went to win his new plein air. He announced to the Director:

“I am the artist Claude Monet. I decided to write your station! For a long time I hesitated which of the two stations to choose – Northern or yours, but finally I stopped at yours – it is more characteristic!”

Claude Monet interesting facts

Anyone who saw him then would have thought that he was doing a great honor to the station and to the Director personally.

For Monet, trains were delayed, platforms were cleared, and the right amount of smoke was emitted at the right time of day. The result of this performance was 12 paintings, which were immediately purchased by art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel.

3. Claude Monet ruled the seasons.

In any case, he was able to paint a winter landscape in the middle of spring.

Claude Monet fan facts

“I am very happy. I got permission to rip all the leaves off the oak!.. Isn’t it lucky to paint a winter landscape at this time of year?” – Claude Monet fun facts what he writes in a letter to his wife.

Throughout the spring of 1889, the artist lived in the house of his friend Maurice Rollin. The Croesus valley impressed Monet, especially the lonely old oak tree on the Bank. The first sketches of this mighty tree he made at the end of February, and in may he decided to finish the work.

Claude Monet fan facts

But the oak “unfortunately” already had leaves. Claude Monet had been searching for the owner Of this plot for several days. He paid 50 francs and two workers tore off all the leaves. The tree looked the same as it had in February.

4. Claude Monet fun facts: he bought haystacks and trees for his painting

In 1891, Claude Monet wrote his series “Haystacks” and when it came time to remove the haystacks Monet was in a panic, he bought the haystacks, and happily continued his favorite series.

claude monet fan facts

A similar situation occurred with the series ” Poplar». Monet would probably have gone mad if he hadn’t finished this series of 20 paintings. It was a real obsession. Over a series of “Poplars”. Monet worked throughout the spring and summer of 1891, for which he bought the island of nettle, which opened the desired view.


He loaded 20 or 30 canvases on a cart, drove them to the best point of view, and worked on each of them at different times of the day.  One morning, when Monet rolled his cart full of future masterpieces to the island, he found that the poplars had been marked for cutting. Of course, he paid to keep them from being hacked until the series was over.


5. Every 15-30 minutes Claude Monet took a different canvas for drawing

The closest person to “Papa Mone” is his stepdaughter Blanche, the only one of the many native and adopted children who showed interest in painting and achieved significant results in it. In the early morning, the two left the house to draw. Blanche was driving a cart with the canvases dad had started – Claude had just come up with the idea of working on different paintings at different times of the day.

Claude Monet fun facts

He realizes that he has found a complex but only correct way to capture “the fleeting variability of light that covers all vegetation.”

For example, when he created a series of “Haystacks” in his cart: a six-hour morning haystack, an eight-hour haystack, midday haystack, a three-hour haystack, a sunset haystack, haystack in fog, haystack in cloudy weather.


Sometimes he digs through the sketches to quickly find the canvas to the right lighting (these moments lasted no more than 15-30 minutes), snatches out a similar one, quickly sketches changes, then more changes, then almost rewrites it again. And suddenly accidentally discovers the same canvas that was not there when it was needed.

Monet himself invented this method and experienced the most desperate moments of creative impotence with it. Once he could not find the canvas that he needed at this time. And when found in rage threw in water canvas and paint with brushes. Has left. Came back. I climbed into the river to get at least brushes and paints.

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