Mandala art for beginners. How to draw a mandala?

Mandala art for beginners. How to draw a mandala?

How to draw a mandala

Mandala art for beginners – before you start drawing, you need to decide what exactly you want to draw, what it is intended for and what it will be performed for. Tune in, choose a place and environment, turn on light music and start drawing.

Mandala art for beginners -what we’ll need

In zenart, you don’t need professional paints or canvas, and everything you need to draw mandalas can be found in a supermarket or stationery store.

Paper or sketchbook
Thin marker (any color will do)
Thick marker (optional)
You can draw a mandala only with a pencil, but with the  markers, the drawing will be clear and bright. Pencil strokes fall easily and imperceptibly, and with a marker they will look more contrasting.

Drawing process

Draw a large circle – this is the outer circle, the border of the mandala.
Draw a square in the circle.
In the square, we find the center and use a compass to draw a circle.
In the space between the circle and the square, you can draw other geometric shapes, lines and their intersections, spirals, hearts, circles, and other shapes.

mandala art for beginners

The main rule is that the drawing should be symmetrical, and it is better to fill it in, starting from the center. The more circles you put on the drawing, the more meaningful and interesting the picture is. It is important at this time to immerse yourself in yourself and try to meditate.

After you finish drawing, you should choose the colors in which the drawing will be painted. If you can’t draw, you can use online programs to draw mandalas, mandala art for beginners online.

Meaning of colors

A mandala made in different colors or combinations of them can mean different concepts and states of a person’s soul, inherent in him at the current time. To unravel the meaning, you need to know the basic rules of composition and its symbolism:

The outer circle, made in color, means the current moment of life, on which the person focuses most, occupies more attention or an exciting question. This is the key to unraveling a person’s interaction with other external stimuli or other people.

The square is usually divided into 4 parts, the upper part filled with color – this is the awareness of the processes and events occurring in life.

The lower part is the unconscious behavior or internal processes that occur on a subconscious level.
The right side is the male energy

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, the left side is the female side and their relationship and mutual influence, as well as the right and left sides symbolize the transition from the unconscious to the conscious and vice versa.


mandala art for beginners

The central (inner) circle – possible ways to solve problems and improve the internal state.
It is necessary to first examine the entire drawing as a whole and highlight the areas that are most colored or focused – they are the problem, or these parts take up the most attention in a person.

The mandala can be drawn not one, but for several days different, then you should look at the progress of color changes and look for sectors of uncertainty, they will constantly change color from dark to light or from bright to pale.

The main meaning of colors and their shades

Red – the color of strong energy, fire, strength, hatred, beauty and strong love, blood, wounds, relatives.
Orange has a similar energy with red, but less pronounced, and also characterizes creation, liberation from unnecessary, sexual energy.
Yellow is the color of the sun, of change, of joy, of the beginning of life-like a chicken hatched from an egg.
Gold is the color of success, victory and cash flow, power and power.
Green – health, harmony, balance, wisdom, calmness, unity with nature.
Blue is a symbol of the Gods, compassion, boundless love and loyalty, as well as motherhood.
Blue is the color of relaxation, calmness, creativity, meditation, elevation and depth, the color of the sky and water.

mandala coloring meaning
Purple-characterizes melancholy, inhibition and at the same time means rebirth, the transition from the old to the new.
White characterizes purity, innocence, and healing.
Black is a symbol of depression, depression, serious condition, illness, death, but at the same time, in combination with other, more joyful and warm colors, it symbolizes creative energy, rebirth or deep internal changes.
The uniform distribution of colors, especially in pastel colors, symbolizes the balance of external and internal energy of a person.

mandala art

The use of the mandala helps a person in self-knowledge, balances, unloads psychologically, helps to focus attention, resolve intrapersonal conflicts, and understand spiritual truths. Modern interior designers often use ideas with the arrangement or introduction of mandala images into the interior, following fashion trends.

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    1. Mandala and other purposeful drawing activities help us to cal down and concentrate our subconscious mind on what we want. And if our desire is a career – we can get inspiration for achievements!

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