Most expensive painting in the world (165-187 million$) Top 5

Most expensive painting in the world (165-187 million$) Top 5

Most expensive paintings in the world – did you know that even a non-famous painting by an artist can cost hundreds millions of dollars? Top 5 the most expensive paintings by famous artists:

5. Roy Lichtenstein ” Masterpiece” 1962

Roy Lichtenstein Masterpiece

In 2017, it was sold by American collector and philanthropist Agnes GAND for 165 million dollars. Lichtenstein’s art was based on comics and appealed to the mass consciousness, which is still controversial among critics. This is the most expensive painting in the world, made in the style of pop art. Most of the proceeds from the auction are directed to the criminal justice reform support Fund.

4. Amedeo Modigliani ” Lying naked” 1917

Amedeo Modigliani Lying naked

In 2003, the Irish billionaire bought it for $26.9 million, and the auction house Sotheby’s, which arranged the auction in 2015, sold the painting for $ 170.4 million. The painting belongs to a series of 22 canvases. This painting, like many others, depicts the artist’s Muse and wife. Most of the paintings in the Metropolitan and the Guggenheim Museum in new York, British Courtauld Institute of art and long Museum in Shanghai.

3.Pablo Picasso “the women of Algiers” 1955

Pablo Picasso the women of Algiers

Picasso will be in the ratings of the most expensive paintings in the world repeatedly, because the legendary abstract artist is adored by art lovers. The author’s most expensive painting is only part of a series of paintings with Algerian women. The artist created them for more than a year, trying to surpass the success of his contemporary artists.

In 1997, it was sold on Christie’s for 31,903 million. And in 2015 for $ 179.365 million. The Deputy Prime Minister of the state of Qatar gave this amount to the Christie’s auction without hesitation. “Version O “is the most famous of the 15 paintings in the” Algerian women ” series. It is believed that the artist depicted on it – Marie Francoise Gilot, his favorite French artist.

2.Mark Rothko “violet, green and red” 1951

most expensive painting in the world

At a closed auction in 2014, billionaire Rybolovlev purchased this work of art for $ 186 million.
A bright representative of expressionism originally from Latvia adored the play of color. What did the artist want to say when creating this picture? We will disappoint you, but the author did not want to convey anything to the viewer. His task, like any expressionist, is to evoke certain emotions with an unusual combination of colors.

1.Gustav Klimt ” Water snakes II” 1907

most expensive painting in the world

The exact price of this work is unknown, since it was sold at closed auctions. But different sources claim that this amount was exactly $187 million.
Gustav Klimt writes “Water snakes II”, in the genre of allegory. It is believed that the artist was inspired to write two paintings of “Water snakes” due to his earlier work – “Current”.
The canvas depicts beautiful girls whose graceful figures suggest the grace of snakes. The picture is not devoid of eroticism, but the painter himself said that everything erotic is art.

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