Steve Hanks [a watercolor artist who gave light to his works]

Steve Hanks [a watercolor artist who gave light to his works]

Steve Hanks

Steve Hanks is a well-known watercolourist, but he is perceived as extraordinary compared to other watercolour masters working today. Details, shades and light in the works of Steve Hanks ara unfathomable for watercolors.

watercolor by Steve Hanks girl and horse

He regularly leaves the faces of his figures clouded or loose, not only to leave a face to the creative mind of the observer, but also to enable the whole figure to Express feelings. Lighting is also an important component of his style. Hanks calls his style ” emotional realism “.

Yeah. I’m fascinated by the way it seeps through things, the way it fills the whole stay with shading. Regularly my artwork is extremely more about daylight, anything else than that. I tried to be mindful and take positive photos on the planet, ” says Hanks.

water color by steve hanks three girls on river

“I believe that my work brings comfort, joy, and understanding to everyone’s life.”

Steve Hanks was born into a San Diego military family in 1949. His father was a world war II naval Aviator. Hanks grew up playing tennis and surfing on the southern California seashore.

steve hanks

The family moved to new Mexico when Steve was a Junior. Commercial San Francisco, commercial art and drawing. California College of arts and crafts, from which he graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree 1976. Camp girls around the campfire Near Cuba, new Mexico. During this time he spent the winter months alone. Over the next four and a half years, Hanks tried different ways of fine art: oil, watercolor, pencil, acrylic.

steve hanks

His marriage with Laura and having three children were also important for his work, they became another source of inspiration for the great master. It was during those years that many home themes were added to the portfolio made with great love for their family.

steve hanks

Favorite subjects in the works of Steve Hanks are, a mother and child, women in white dresses, and art Nude. Each work is sensual, emotional and permeated with light.

steve hanks women in white dress

Since then, many juries, exhibitions and collectors have praised the remarkable achievements of Steve Hanks in watercolor painting.

steve hanks

He received the National watercolor society’s award of merit? and the national Academy of Western Art’s gold medal, in addition to a regular appearance on the list of the top ten American artists compiled by American art magazine.

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