Mandala – what does it mean? Mandala is a symbol of…

Mandala – what does it mean? Mandala is a symbol of…

Mandala what it means

The mandala is most often used in Buddhism or Hinduism, but in the visual arts of the new century it has also gained popularity among other zenart styles: Zentangle, Doodle, etc.
In Buddhism, a mandala is a magical image, a religious or esoteric scheme, similar to geometric figures of various structures, flat or three-dimensional, that characterize the divine presence and influence. Indeed

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, if you draw, draw, or look at the mandala, you may feel a reduction in nervous tension and mental relaxation. And also use it to attract love, money, or happiness.

mandala art

Mandala is a symbol of

Mandala is a Buddhist map of the Cosmos or model of the Universe, translated from Sanskrit – “Circle”, symbolizing the harmony of man with the Universe.
In esoteric literature, the mandala is understood as a single whole, beginning and end, male and female, the union of matter and spirit. Also in many countries, architectural structures were made in this technique – in China, Mexico, Japan, and Egypt.

mandala is a symbol

The origins of religious drawings came from Indian religious practices

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, also have the same roots with other Indian Rangoli art. Previously, Indian temples were built in the form of mandalas, which are divided into different levels of the Cosmos, helping to overcome your EGO to absolute spirituality, gradually moving from level to level. Crushing the base “temptations”, the passions of your psyche, for the sake of enlightenment.

mandala meaning

Patterns were used not only in Eastern religions, but there are traces of their presence in other cultures – because they mean the establishment of a spiritual connection with God. So, you can see that many icons are made according to a similar technique and differ in purpose: God’s Eye; images on stone, wood, dishes or metal; mesyatseslovy. They were used not only in everyday life and for religious activities, but also worn as a talisman.

What is a mandala used for?

The mandala allows you to achieve inner harmony. The image can be not only on a sheet of paper, but also embroidered on a fabric, knitted with knitting needles, made of sand or other materials. Modern specialists of esotericism, psychologists use in their sessions both programming and influencing a person or color therapy, to reveal the inner potential and at the same time get a psychotherapeutic effect.

Types of mandala art

mandala art on a4

Coloring Pages-mandala

During any kind of coloring, you need to calm down and try to concentrate on the exciting question or problem, if you concentrate correctly, then after a few seconds or minutes, questions, answers and logical reflections will begin to pop up in your thoughts.
At the same time, it is good to listen to relaxing music: classical music, nature sounds, meditative melodies. You can color your drawings with any convenient means: pens, liners, markers, paints, pencils, or combinations of them. The mandala can be painted with colored sand, first you need to draw it on a flat, flat surface.
By coloring the drawings, you can make a wish and visualize its execution in detail, this method helps to achieve the desired results.

mandala koloring

Therapeutic mandala-anti-stress

Drawing different types, a person relieves stress, nervous tension, and also, thanks to daily, 15-20-minute breaks for drawings, you can solve many problems: impatience; irritation; aggression; age crises in children; conflict; hyperactivity; development of fine motor skills.
A particularly good effect is achieved if the drawings are painted with your fingertips, dipping them in paint, and you can also apply glue to different areas and pour colored sand, it will stick to the drawing.

mandala anti stress

Mandala kids

Coloring pages in the form of mandalas for working with children help to solve many problems, as well as develop fine motor skills, teach drawing, coloring, finding frames and increase attention, perseverance, a sense of color combination and spiritual development, as well as affect children as art therapy. You can start drawing mandalas or coloring them as early as 1 year, starting with the simplest ones. They can be painted not only with paints or pencils, but also with plasticine, as well as make applications in a similar theme, at the same time learn how to cut with scissors and use glue.

What is mandala pattern?


In shape, it is round (the outer circle is the Universe), a square is inscribed in it, symbolizing the parts of the world, then a circle is inscribed in the square – symbolizing the inner world of a person. In the inner circle, a lotus is inscribed or divided into segments.

Circle-square-circle-segments (lotus) – everything has its natural origin, which characterizes objects and human life. The circle is the planet Earth, the square is the 4 cardinal directions, and the circle is the Sun.

Drawing a mandala, may seem like a difficult and impossible task, but in fact it is not. In the magic pattern of the mandala, there is a certain rhythm, due to which such a stunning result is obtained. Following this rhythm, you will easily learn how to draw mandalas. Performing repetitive actions is very relaxing. Let’s do it!

How is mandala art made and what you need for drawing mandalas you can read in our next article.

Mandala art for beginners. How to draw a mandala?