Zentangle Doodle Mandala what is difference?

Zentangle Doodle Mandala what is difference?

Zentangle Doodle Mandala… There are many directions in the visual arts of the new century. In recent years, gaining popularity are those that arose at the intersection of graphics, psychology and trends of the popular Zen school of the famous religious and philosophical Eastern teachings-Buddhism. Zenart  is one of these directions. If we briefly define the meaning of this concept, we can say that, in fact, it is a meditative drawing.

Zentangle Doodle Mandala what is the difference?

In fact, all these directions are one type of art “Graphics”, but because of their popularity and wide distribution, these directions have been combined into a meditative direction of Zen art.

zentangle doodle

Zen what is it?

“Zen” is meditativeness, a special state of contemplation, of calmness of mind, into which one must enter. This state can be healing for a person, it helps the mind to “switch channels”, reconfigure, “reboot”, which, in turn, can contribute to the resolution of many problems that previously may have seemed completely unsolvable.

Generally in this altered state of consciousness of the person there are many useful effects that have only recently begun to be studied by science. There are different ways to achieve this state. By and large, and very generally, zenart can be called one of these ways.

Zentangle Doodle Mandala it is Zenart?

Zenart, as a meditative drawing of patterns, is quite simple, accessible and variable. This can be a clear patented drawing of zentangles, and endless doodling, and the creation of circular patterns-mandalas.

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zentangle doodle

The main feature is that there are no strict rules.

What can Zentangle Doodle Mandala give us?

If we approach zenart from a practical point of view, we can note its originality and usefulness:

available to everyone from children to the elderly (you can start at least in kindergarten, even in retirement-the main thing is to like the process itself);

it does not require special expenses and cumbersome devices;

it helps to relax, calm down, put thoughts, emotions in order, and remove psychological barriers;

you can draw for only 20 minutes a day and get a finished drawing as a result, feel the effect of this meditative drawing;

this intuitive creation of a drawing relaxes well, concentration on the drawing process helps to disconnect from external problems, turn on creativity, creativity, and let your imagination fly.

Start teaches you to be brave.

If you wanted to start drawing, but were afraid that it would not work, then it will be much easier to do it through zenart, since it is impossible to draw incorrectly here.

zentangle doodle

This is another way to get to know yourself better.

There are no expectations (which means that there will be no resentments or disappointments): any line can change, and no one ever knows what pattern will turn out in the end.

zentangle doodle

For children, this is a great opportunity to develop fine motor skills, which, as you know, is very closely related to mental activity.

In General, there are many advantages to such an exciting hobby, and perhaps if you start doing zenart yourself, you will open new horizons, and there will be some only your reasons and interests that will encourage you to engage in this way of free drawing.

It happens that people who decide to try to create in the zenart technique are very worried that the imagination will not be enough, it will not work, it will be ugly. It is worth noting that any zenart drawings consist of simple patterns that are repeated in different versions. Look for yourself at any masterpiece, for example, posted on the Internet:




the entire space of the drawing, the entire contour is filled with quite simple dashes, curls, dots, squares, etc.

All the schemes and algorithms for drawing these patterns are very simple and accessible. You can “fill your hand” on drawing these uncomplicated patterns, tangles, and then come up with your own unique combinations and interlaces. Allow yourself to draw as it turns out, as you want, wrong, allow yourself to make mistakes – from the so-called “mistakes” can come out very interesting patterns.

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