Paul Gauguin painting was sold for 9,5 mn euro in Paris auction

Paul Gauguin painting was sold for 9,5 mn euro in Paris auction

Paul Gauguin’s painting “Thick tree” sold at auction in France for €9.5 million on December 3 – 2019.

At an auction in France Paris, a painting by French artist Paul Gauguin ” Thick tree ” (Te Burao II) was sold for $9.5 million, according to the auction house Artcurial. This Paul Gauguin auction was the best sale of the day.

“Tonight, Paul Gauguin’s Tahitian-period masterpiece the Thick tree, created in 1897, went under the hammer for €9.5 million,” the statement said. The canvas, measuring 73 by 92 cm, was bought by an international collector, whose name is not announced. According to the statement, ” the picture will remain in France.”

The painting, which was painted by Gauguin during his stay in Tahiti, is part of a series of nine works by the artist. They were sent to Paris in 1898 for an exhibition dedicated to the work of Paul Gauguin. 


Te Burao II is the only work from this series held in a private collection and first come to auction in France. Other paintings are exhibited in the world’s leading museums, in particular, in the Hermitage and the Orse Museum.

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But this is not the most expensive picture of the artist – in 2015, his work “When Will You Marry?” Sold for almost $300 million. For other Paul Gauguin auction, follow us.