World’s costliest painting (105-110 million$) Top 5

World’s costliest painting (105-110 million$) Top 5

World’s costliest painting is work of da Vinci “Savior of the world” what was sold in 2017 year. And so far this is the most expensive art piece sold in 20 – 21th century. But we want to introduce you to other most expensive works created in the 20th century. So let’s take a look at Top 5 pictures from 105 to 110 million$

5. Andy Warhol “Silver Car Crash” (Double Disaster) 1963

world's costliest painting
November 13, 2013 In new York, Sotheby’s auction of contemporary art set a record price for works by Andy Warhol.
To create the “Silver car crash”, the author used photos of real road accidents. He repeatedly duplicated the image using silk-screen printing, placing the collage on the left side of the canvas next to the silver monochrome surface.

4. Barnett Newman “Anna’s Light” 1968

world's costliest painting

Not every one of us can appreciate such pictures on merit and give $105.7 million…
The picture is written in honor of Anna-Newman’s mother

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, who left this world three years earlier. What is the essence of the work? Why is it so expensive? Art experts explain the phenomenon by the stunning effect that color creates. They say that the canvas should be viewed close up, slowly moving from one edge to the other and sinking into the depth of red cadmium.

3. Pablo Picasso “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” 1932

world's costliest painting

The painting depicts Picasso’s mistress, with whom he spent time in secret from his wife. In 1951, one of the artist’s most famous works fell into the hands of the Brody couple. In all the years of ownership, the couple showed the picture to the public only once. 60 years after the acquisition, Brody sold the canvas for $106.482 million (at 5,000 times its previous value).

2. Jasper Jones ” Flag” 1955

world's costliest painting

Gallery owner Jones Leo Castelli, sold the painting for $ 110 million to a private collection, making it one of world’s costliest painting.
The American artist created a picture with a Patriotic plot at the age of 24. The author admits that once he had a dream where he draws an American flag. After awakening, the artist immediately made the dream prophetic.

1. Jean-Michel Basquiat, untitled 1981

world's costliest painting

An unusual work by an American graffiti artist is made in the style of neo-expressionism. On the canvas, we see the black outline of the head on a blue background. It is difficult to explain the success of this work. To get to the bottom of it, you need to study the author’s biography: from the life of a street artist in new York to the cover of The New York Times Magazine.

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