Claude Monet interesting facts: Top 5 facts that need to know

Claude Monet interesting facts: Top 5 facts that need to know

Claude Monet top 5 interesting facts that you need to know about the boy from a simple family

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, who forced to earn pocket money from childhood, becomes one of the most expensive artists as he grows up. It sounds like a movie story, doesn’t it? But this is the real fate of a real man named Claude Monet.

1. The businessman and cartoonist

Monet interesting fun facts

The parents of the little artist did not give him money for pocket expenses, not only because of his plight. They sincerely believed that the child does not need money. And the boy, to earn on candy and other children’s joys, began to draw friendly cartoons on neighbors, their friends, and acquaintances. It turned out well, so young Monet asked for an equally good amount for his work — he sold paintings for 15 francs.

2. The artist served in the army

Claude Manet

When Claude was 17, his mother died and he moved in with his aunt. In 1859, at the age of 19, he moved to Paris to continue his art studies. However, in 1961, he began serving in the First regiment of the African light horse in Algeria. He was required to serve in the military for seven years, but in the second year he contracted typhoid fever. His aunt begged the authorities to release him, and they agreed on the condition that Claude complete an art course at an art school.

3. The “Water lilies” series is considered Claude Monet’s masterpiece

Water lilies

Monet’s “Nymphaeum” or “Water lilies” series is called the “Sistine chapel of impressionism“. The series consists of about 250 oil paintings that were painted by Monet during the last thirty years of his life. They are displayed in museums around the world. Claude Monet interesting facts and the most surprising fact is that Monet’s eyesight was severely impaired due to cataracts when he was painting most of these masterpieces, and he could barely understand what he was drawing.

4. Claude Monet: Fifty shades of blue

Claude Monet interesting facts

In adulthood, Claude Monet became ill with cataracts. During one of the operations, the lens was removed from his left eye, after which the artist’s color perception changed greatly. His vision adjusted, but it was strange: he could only see blue and purple. In the future, all of his paintings were executed in a lilac-blue color scheme. But it didn’t make it any worse, would you agree?..

5. Crime without punishment

Claude Monet interesting fun facts

It is a well-known fact that Monet’s painting “The beach in Purville” was once stolen from the National Museum of Poland. Moreover, the thief did not just remove the picture from the wall, but pulled it out of the frame, replacing the original with a clumsy fake. And this is much more troublesome than just taking a picture in a frame and taking it with you… The identity of the criminal was established — it turned out to be a 41-year-old man. But he did not suffer the punishment.