Most expensive painting ever sold (200-450 million$) Top 5

Most expensive painting ever sold (200-450 million$) Top 5

Most expensive painting ever sold in the world sometimes not the most famous paintings… Sometimes its come from private collections and shocking us in their price. And today we will look at the most expensive paintings by famous artists.

5. Jackson Pollock  “Number 17A”  1948.

Most expensive painting ever sold

The painting was sold at private auction in 2015, the price of the painting is 200 million dollars. Art critic Robert Coates called Pollock’s work “abstract expressionism”. The artist used his own method of spray painting, called “action painting”by art critic Harold Rosenberg.

4. Paul Gauguin ” When Will You Marry?” 1892

Most expensive painting ever sold

The famous Swiss collector Rudolf Staehelin in 2015 sold the painting of Paul Gauguin “When’s the wedding?”, previously stored in the Museum of Basel, and now owned by Qatar Museums , the Museum Department of Qatar. Paul Gauguin became famous for his depiction of beautiful girls and created romantic images of the Paradise island of Tahiti. One of the girls depicted in the painting is the artist’s 13-year-old wife, Tehaamana.

3. Paul Cezanne  “The card Players” 1892

The card Players

“Card players”, another painting that went to Qatar Museums, was sold in 2012, for $ 250 million by the Greek billionaire Georg Embrikos. Paul Cezanne painted this painting in the period from 1892-1893 and this is the third picture in the series.  A French artist has created a series of 5 paintings in which men play poker. Four of them are in museums in America and Europe.

2. Willem de Kooning “Interchange” 1955

Willem de Kooning Interchange 1955

“Interchange”, which was made by Willem de Kooning, in 1989 sold on Sotheby’s for $20.68 million. Then the Dutch artist’s painting was sold at auction in 2015 to American billionaire Kenneth K. Griffin. The unusual masterpiece, according to the author, reflects the ugly reality of the post-war period.

1. Leonardo da Vinci ” Savior of the world”

Most expensive painting ever sold

In 2017, the last work of da Vinci “Savior of the world” was sold at auction at Christie’s auction house in new York for an incredible 450 million 312 thousand 500 dollars. So, the picture of the great artist broke all previously known records (most expensive painting ever sold in history).

For many years, the painting was considered lost, and when it was finally found, its authenticity was not recognized for years. In 2017, the auction house “Christis “still called” the Savior of the world ” the last work of da Vinci. The Prince of Saudi Arabia purchased the masterpiece for $ 450 million, making it the most expensive most expensive painting in the world.

But soon a terrible scandal broke out. Experts have not been able to confirm the authenticity of the painting, as the analysis was greatly hampered by numerous restorations. In 2018-2019, the painting was not shown to the public and there were even rumors that it was stolen from a Museum in Saudi Arabia.

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